Delivering Travel Technology Solutions

We are a leading group of technology providers that redefines and improves distribution, onboarding and payment services in the travel industry.

The Best Technology to Automate Hotel Inventory

Bakuun is a travel technology platform that facilitates the booking processes between airlines, hotels, and travel agencies for better commercial and economic benefits.

Experience an onboarding process made simple

We help demand partners reduce their workload during the onboarding process while allowing accommodations to manage and distribute content on hotel listing sites, ensure consistent content and increase revenue.

A seamless integration to grow your business

Working together to transform the travel industry, we connect travel businesses to a wide range of properties that use different connectivity partners with one simple connection.

Payments made easy

A fintech disruptor that redefines and simplifies virtual payments for the travel industry.

Optimizing OTA backend operations

A suite of plug-and-play backend products to boost the technology of online travel agencies (OTAs) for improved efficiency and growth.


We help streamline the way hotels and travel providers do business. Say goodbye to high cost middlemen and hello to direct, efficient, and profitable connections.

It’s simple: we want everything to be smooth and easy, where hotels take better control of their distribution, where travel providers maximize their offerings, and where customers get what they want - quality service at great prices.