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March 7, 2024

Bakuun Holdings Launches ChannelsGate: The Next Generation B2B Hotel Distribution Marketplace

Bakuun Holdings, a tech company focused on improving travel, is thrilled to announce the launch of ChannelsGate. This new B2B marketplace aims to improve how hotels distribute rooms, making it easier and cost-effective for hotels and travel providers to work together.

ChannelsGate offers hotels more control over room distribution, lowers costs, and allows them to improve their reach. At the same time, travel companies get access to a large selection of quality hotels, helping them offer better deals to travelers, improve their operations, and increase their profits.

Our objective with ChannelsGate is to streamline operations and drive profitability for all stakeholders in the travel industry,” stated Deepshikha Segal, Head of Commercial of Bakuun Holdings. “We’ve developed a marketplace that truly addresses the challenges faced by hotels and travel providers”

Bakuun Holdings is known for changing the travel industry with the latest technology by making booking, onboarding, and payment processes easier. With every new solution, Bakuun Holdings keeps improving how the travel landscape works, setting new standards and shaping the future of the industry.